Minna Annola


Diverse Universe Performance Tour 2015, Non Grata, Vaasa, Finland 7.6.2015

Diverse Universe is a nomadic performance festival, travelling through eastern, southern western and northern Europe and uniting artists from all across the world. The festival is sharing high quality performance art and live art with audiences from all over Europe.

I took part in Live Print workshop and visited a performance evening when one of Diverse Universe's groups, Non Grata ( EST) visited Vaasa for the 4th time. For now Non Grata members were from U.S, Estonia, Finland and France. Workshop themes were Linocut and Silkscreen. The event was organized By the Graphic Artist Association of Vaasa. To me as a photographer who works a lot with Photoshop this was good time to do different kind of art. The members of Non Grata were kind and it was very nice to do art together.

Artist Radical Danny (US)

Artist Eric Piper (US)


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